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Wholesale & Cafe Supply

At St. Dreux, we part seas. We get it done. We challenge the status quo. We open doors and we get you and your business noticed!

We love partners who are keen to do it properly

We do things right the first time to avoid patch-up work down the track. To achieve this, we require all our customers to maintain set standards from day one.

We love cafe owners and baristas who aren't afraid of commitment

The best work is symptomatic of wholehearted dedication to getting the job done. Be ready to strap into the process, let’s see this thing through with zest and enthusiasm. We can do it!!!

We love partners who are believers

It’s important that you trust in our work and expertise. Of course, at any time if you don’t feel like we’re living up to your expectations, we would LOVE to hear from You. But we want to assure you that our work is our best ‘work’, and nothing leaves the roastery that hasn’t been well researched, well critiqued and signed off by every member of our team!