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Costa Rica  Obata Natural - Single Origin Coffee
Costa Rica  Obata Natural - Single Origin Coffee
Costa Rica  Obata Natural - Single Origin Coffee

Costa Rica Obata Natural - Single Origin Coffee


Volcan Azul is a family owned estate in Costa Rica with a rich history that established its roots during the early days of coffee production in Central America. It’s history stems from Alejo Jimenez and Wilhelm Kahle, two pioneers who, independent of each other, set out to “produce the best coffee in the world”. Today the estate is operated by their descendants, led by Alejo Castro Kahle. Driven by the vision of their ancestors, Alejo and his family continue the tradition of producing coffee with the same ideals of excellence and quality. This coffee is from Volcan Azul’s Gran Reserva preparation, a limited selection of micro-lots with unique and exotic qualities from plantations at altitudes of 1,500 masl or higher, from cherries hand-picked as they reach optimum ripeness during the middle of harvest season.  It is of the Obata variety. A high-yielding, leaf rust resistant variety developed in Brazil as a hybrid from Timor Hybrid 832/2 and Villa Sarchi CIFC 971/10 and introduced into Costa Rica in 2014 by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute (ICAFE). It is compact in appearance with large bean size and good quality potential at altitude. Obata is typically a clean and balanced coffee with a delicate and distinct acidity.

Flavour Profile




*Soursop is a tropical fruit native to Central America and the Carribean. Creamy in texture, it has an aroma similar to pineapple and flavours reminiscent of strawberry, apple and sour citrus.

Brew Guide

METHOD: Espresso
SUGGESTED RECIPE: 21g, in 40g, out 35sec

Origin: Costa Rica 

PRODUCER:  Alejo Castro
ESTATE: Volcan Azul
PROCESS: Natural, 

Whole Beans