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Colombia Andres Guaca Pink B Carbonic Maceration
Colombia Andres Guaca Pink B Carbonic Maceration
Colombia Andres Guaca Pink B Carbonic Maceration

Colombia Andres Guaca Pink B Carbonic Maceration


Pink Bourbon is a rare hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon varietals. It is believed to be a natural mutation first discovered in San Adolfo, Huila, Colombia, the place where this coffee comes from. Pink Bourbon typically has good florals and acidity reminiscent of East African coffees. Due to its higher sugar content, Pink Bourbon is usually sweeter and perceived to have a creamy mouthfeel. It is also more resistant to leaf rust and produces a higher yield.

Carbonic Maceration is a technique borrowed from wine making. Coffee cherries are placed in sealed containers where fermentation occurs in a low oxygen environment (anaerobic fermentation). Carbonic maceration pushes this further by introducing more carbon dioxide into the container. This changes the types of microbes which feed off the sugars in the coffee and also slows down the fermentation process. The result is a higher sugar content and coffee with elevated flavours and aroma.

This coffee, grown by Andres Guaca at Finca Guacanas, was picked following a strict ripeness criteria. Hand sorting ensured only the best and ripe cherries were kept before undergoing fermentation inside plastic tanks with added carbon dioxide for 64 hours. Drying occurred on raised beds below 35°C until the ideal moisture content was achieved. In the cup we found it to be quite complex, displaying  an abundance of flavours with raspberry and the floral notes of lavender dominating.


Flavour Profile


Brew Guide

METHOD: Espresso
SUGGESTED RECIPE: 22g, in 45g, out 17sec

Brew Guide

METHOD: Filter
SUGGESTED RECIPE: 24g, Water 400g, out 3min

Origin: Burundi

PRODUCER: Andres Guaca
FARM: Finca Guacanas (San Adolfo, Huila)
VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon
ELEVATION: 1,750 - 1,800 masl
PROCESS: Carbonic Maceration

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