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Honduras Teofilo Sabillon

Honduras Teofilo Sabillon


Teofilo was involved with coffee from a young. At age 12, he was helping his father plant coffee, apply fertilizer and pick cherries on their farm. By 15 he inherited a small lot on his father’s farm, around 1/3 of a hectare, and was growing coffee by himself. In 2011 he decided to become independent from his father and purchased some land to start his own coffee farm which he named Suyapa, in honour of the Virgin of Honduras.

In 2016 Teofilo discovered specialty coffee and decided to give it a try in order to achieve better prices and improve profitability  as conventional prices are not enough to cover costs. 

Today, Teofilo’s sons help him on the farm. He involves his family on the farm because he wants to see his children follow his footsteps. Teofilo wants to continue improving the quality of his coffee by working on his infrastructure and post-harvest processing. There are still many opportunities for improvement on his farm, but as long as there is still demand for high quality coffee he will make these changes to improve on what he does.

Flavour Profile

Roasted Almonds 
Chocolate and Honey

Brew Guide

METHOD: Espresso
SUGGESTED RECIPE: 22g, in 42g, out 32sec

Origin: Columbia

DEAPRTMENT: Santa Barbara
FARM: Finca Suyapa
VARIETAL: Parainema
PROCESS: Fully washed. Sun dried.

Whole Beans