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Ethiopia Odako Natural Gr1
Ethiopia Odako Natural Gr1
Ethiopia Odako Natural Gr1

Ethiopia Odako Natural Gr1


As a child, Asefa Dukamo used to help his parents tend to their crops which included coffee. As the eldest son, expectations on Asefa was great.

As a teenager, Asefa tried a variety of jobs before eventually returning to coffee. Asefa would buy coffee cherries from neighbours and relatives then sell to coffee washing stations. Washing stations were few at the time and Asefa would travel long distances to sell his coffee. This became the genesis for a dream to own his own washing station. His desire to help neighbouring coffee farmers reduce transportation costs and deliver the cherries in as fresh a condition as possible proved inspirational. Asefa’s dream became reality when he became co-founder of a washing station in Girja Village, less than a mile from his parents’ house. Other washing stations followed and Asefa would soon own six. Along the way his coffees would participate in and win competitions. This year, one of Asefa’s entries placed in the Top 10 entries for Ethiopia’s first Cup of Excellence competition, a true highlight and a worthy addition to his accomplishments.

This coffee was produced at the same washing station in Shantawene village as Asefa’s COE winning entry. It was sourced from small holder farmers from the Shantawene area as well as cherries from Gatta Daye Bensa farm. Cherries are sun-dried for up to 15 days on raised beds with each bed assigned a dedicated person to ensure the coffee is rotated every 15 minutes to achieve even drying. In the cup we found it to be complex and having a cacophony of flavours. Florals and tropical notes abound with tangerine, honeydew and jasmine the most prominent, and an effervescent, champagne like acidity.

The name Odako derives from a tree where the community of Shantawene meets to resolve disputes and conflicts. It evokes a spirit of unity and conciliation.

Flavour Profile Tangerine


Brew Guide

METHOD: Espresso
SUGGESTED RECIPE: 22g, in 44g, out 24sec

Origin: Honduras

PRODUCER: Up to 563 small-lot farmers 
REGION: Sidama
VARIETAL: Heirloom
ELEVATION: 2,000 - 2,200 MASL
PROCESS: Sun-dried 15 days

Whole Beans unless specified otherwise: