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Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural
Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural
Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural
Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural

Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural


Coffee in Uganda has a deep history. It is said to be the native home to one species of Robusta, and families often include coffee with their offerings at the family shrine for their ancestors. Commercial coffee production began early in the 20th Century when the first plantations were established by European and Asian settlers around 1914. Since then coffee has grown to become Uganda’s second most valuable export, accounting for 11.7% of total exports by revenue as recently as 2018.  

Although introduced into Uganda over a century ago, Arabica coffee has to date only accounted for a small portion, around 20% according to latest estimates, of total coffee production. Despite this, there is increasing focus on specialty coffee as producers chase higher returns in an effort to improve their livelihood. 

This coffee was sourced from Kasese washing station which sits on a 20 acre parcel of land on the banks of the Mubuku River. Over 4,300 farmers contribute cherry to Kasese Station, spread out over a large territory covering a vast network of farms and communities and requiring the use of satellite collecting stations to ensure cherries are brought to Kasese daily. At Kasese, the cherries were dried on raised beds, visually inspected with damaged and defective beans removed. The cherries were dried to a moisture content of between 11% and 12%, bagged and rested prior to final transport to Kampala where they are sorted based on cup quality.

Flavour Profile

Earl Grey Tea 

Brew Guide

METHOD: Espresso
SUGGESTED RECIPE: 21g, in 33g, out 31sec

Origin: Uganda 

PRODUCER: Small Lot Holders  
WASHiNG STATION: Kasese Washing Station
ELEVATION: 1,300 to 2,300 masl
PROCESS: Natural 

Whole Beans